The transportation industry is broad and widely dynamic. The segment itself is separated into five major industry subsections: Motor Technology, Automotive Manufacturing, Tire Technology, Aviation and Aerospace, and Defense. Within each of these, a wide-range of transportation modes are utilized for many purposes- from tourism to shipping to commuting.

Amidst such a broad and diverse industry, there are overarching drivers and disruptors from a technical perspective. For example, automation is a driver in many applications. Automated operation is currently being developed (and developed further, depending on the industry) for automotive and rail applications. Additionally, automation has been used in the manufacturing end of the transportation industry for many years and continues to be developed further. Other major technology drivers include: Internet of Things and connected devices, ever-changing passenger safety standards, and predictive analytics for new routes and company offerings.

Topics We’ve Worked On

Inquiry Service

Small tasks with a fast turnaround

  • Fact checking / validation
    I recently heard that solar-based commercial aircraft is a possible disruptor. Provide a cursory evolution of this technology concept.
  • Technology identification
    I need to discuss 3-5 disruptive startups working on vehicle-to-vehicle communication at an upcoming conference.
  • Literature/Patent Review
    Review Amazon’s recent patents related drone delivery and provide a brief presentation to understand its limitations.
  • Data review / analysis
    Based on the top 5 LIDAR technologies, which one seems the most promising and why?
  • General inquiries
    Create a short presentation on Hyperloop technology and what segment of transportation it will impact the most.

Project-Based Work

In-depth project work

  • Technology Landscape
    Develop a technology landscape all graphene composites that have applications to the railroad industry.
  • Technology Scouting
    Provide an overview of all industrial 3-D printers that can operate in outer space.
  • Interview / private information acquisition
    Attain an interview with SatelliteX to understand if they would be interested in a collaboration on.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Which trucking agencies are publicly seeking partnerships with LIDAR / driverless technology startups and organizations?.
  • Market Analysis
    What is the impact of driverless technologies on the ride-sharing / taxi economy?

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Thought Leader

  • Paula Hock, PhD

    Project Architect

    Paula is one of PreScouter’s Project Architect and is one of the Primaries in the Transportation Segment. She has worked on a wide variety of projects in her tenure, including topics like coatings and materials research, process optimization in many industries, comparative intelligence, and more. Paula earned her B.S. from DePaul University in Chemistry before continuing on to her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. There, her research focused on characterization of organic semi-conducting thin films for use in electronic devices. That is also where she started with the PreScouter Global Scholars program in August of 2014. After working as a scholar for a few months, she became a Team Leader before eventually taking a full-time role with PreScouter.

Work with PreScouter’s Thought Leaders

quote PreScouter made us aware of 23 emerging technologies that we probably would not have become aware of (otherwise) Dr. Richard Demke

Case Studies

What university and other external collaborations are our competitors investing in?
Need: Competitive Analysis

The Client had been working with PreScouter on a variety of technology scouting projects. The Client reached out to PreScouter to address their technology roadmap, which enables the Client to make informed decisions for product development, advanced research initiatives, and market analysis. One day, the Client asked our Project Manager if PreScouter could help with a less technology-scouting driven activity. The Client realized one of their main competitors was working in a technology space that may overlap with the Client’s mid-term product development plans. Before the Client invested substantial capital into research & development, they leveraged PreScouter to investigate their competitor’s activities.

Specifically, the Client was interested to know where their competitor was investing money at the academic level, i.e. grants, equipment, sponsored research, etc. PreScouter was able to deliver critical criteria including but not limited to 1) academic papers, 2) academic funding, 3) material/financial support to universities, sponsored professorships, a complete list of academic collaborators, full patent list, and so forth.

The Scholar team was able to identify people from Australia and Asia, through the EU and North & South America, with a complete global coverage of their competitor’s activities.

The Client was amazed by the depth and breadth of PreScouter’s coverage. The information provided to the Client helped enable a strategic white-space analysis of technologies in their domain, and their competitor’s strategies in developing a new product. The information allowed the Client to strategically maneuver their R&D efforts to avoid spaces where their competitors may have a head start, and instead focus on where their competitors have not focused their efforts.

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