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PreScouter developed a popular webinar series which highlights disruptive technologies transforming the world by 2025. View www.youtube.com/prescouter to catch the series. PreScouter also has webinars that highlight emerging technologies including Graphene and Phase Change Materials. For more details about these events, see below.

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PreScouter Events

PreScouter hosts an annual disruptive technology event in the Chicago area to bring innovation leaders together to learn how different industries solve similar challenges. Due to the acceleration of innovation, businesses must stay ahead of the curve and by collaborating with other bright minds of over 1,000 Scholars, PreScouter enables creative thinking in the 300+ clients we serve. Find out about PreScouter's annual event and other collaborations with tech startups and innovation leaders in Chicago and the world.

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PreScouter Press Coverage

Welcome to the press center for PreScouter, a company that helps over 250+ clients innovate by providing the research they need to make R&D decisions. Find open innovation press releases about how disruptive technology is influencing projects happening around the globe. Press Coverage includes commentary about PreScouter's upcoming events, webinars, and news about emerging technology from PhD students and scientists.

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