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  • Smart Sensor Technology for Next Generation Power Grids

    Rapid urbanization, more electrification, growing industrialization, and expanding digitalization have imposed an ever increased demand of electrical energy and reliability. Network planning, operation, regulation, and business models of today's power grids are undergoing technological advances that revive the operation of the actual grid and enable profound transformations in the electricity system ... READ MORE

    By: Muhammad Shafiq
  • Proactive Condition Monitoring Could Predict and Prevent Electricity Network Failures

    In today’s world, we all are well aware of the significance of electricity in our lives. Households, hospitals, transportation, education, communication, banking systems, security services, online services, all kinds of sophisticated as well as traditional industrial processes, even the availability of basic needs such as air and water, are highly dependent on the functioning and flawless supply of electrical power. Therefore, reliability of the power supply is a .. ... READ MORE

    By: Muhammad Shafiq
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery 30 Times Smaller And 2,000 Times More Powerful

    UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, ILLINOIS, USA. In a modern world where life is defined depending on your battery's capacity, a group of researchers were able to develop a new type of lithium-ion battery. Unlike earlier versions of the lithium-ion batteries that we got used to, this new technology can give out 2,000 times more power. It is certainly something that anyone of us would need in order to survive a few weeks in this modern world without a single recharge. It is not just an .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Is Thorium the Biggest Energy Breakthrough Since Fire?

    CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, CHINA. Nuclear power that is safer, cleaner, and ultimately cheaper. Thorium is a metal that can be used to generate nuclear energy without the threats of a "meltdown" scenario, because such chain reactions cannot happen in thorium reactors. There is also no useful byproduct like plutonium to make nuclear weapons. In contrast to nuclear fuels such as Uranium, Thorium is also abundantly available. China is close to demonstrat .. ... READ MORE

    By: Susan Smith
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