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  • Infographic: Components of a Hybrid Nuclear-Renewable Energy System

    Hybrid nuclear-renewable energy may play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas pollution, along with increasing the efficiency and reliability of the energy supply. The following infographic shows the components that most hybrid nuclear-renewable energy systems have in common.   ... READ MORE

    By: PreScouter Journal
  • Natural Resources Roundup March 2017

    It has been another exciting, somewhat nerve-wracking, month for natural resources technologies. In this Roundup, we explore drones in mines, virtual batteries, bacterial bubbles and a colossal bankruptcy. Metals and Mining: Automation Advances While the transportation sector races to a .. ... READ MORE

    By: Kyle Gracey
  • Is Thorium the Biggest Energy Breakthrough Since Fire?

    CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, CHINA. Nuclear power that is safer, cleaner, and ultimately cheaper. Thorium is a metal that can be used to generate nuclear energy without the threats of a "meltdown" scenario, because such chain reactions cannot happen in thorium reactors. There is also no useful byproduct like plutonium to make nuclear weapons. In contrast to nuclear fuels such as Uranium, Thorium is also abundantly available. China is close to demonstrat .. ... READ MORE

    By: Susan Smith
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