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  • Ekso Bionic Suit Helps People Walk Again

    UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, USA. A new version of a bionic suit called the "Ekso" has been developed to help disabled people move normally with ease. It somewhat resembles a suit that came from the 1987 movie "RoboCop" because of its unique appearance that will make the user look like a cyborg. It aims to act as a modern physical therapy machine for patients who need to learn to walk normally after an operation or an accident. It has different levels of difficulty t .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Thwarting Bomb Heat With A Heat Proof Camouflage Face Paint

    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI, MISSISSIPPI, USA. A heat proof camouflage face paint is a very useful innovation that will shield soldiers and firemen from extreme heat. In addition to that, waves of pressure coming from bomb blasts can be balked. The research was funded by the US Department of Defense at the University of Southern Mississippi. Its main goal is to provide protection to soldiers during bomb blasts through their traditional camouflage face paint. The ch .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Employing a Nano-Bio-Bandage That Will Instantly Stop Bleeding

    MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. Sponges layered with thrombin can immediately stop bleeding. They are more effective than the use of the traditional gauze and tourniquets. Also, they can be used in almost any part of the body. A good example is the neck which cannot be applied with a typical tourniquet. Thrombin is a clotting agent that is already found in the blood. This nanoscale breakthrough at MIT can save many lives of soldiers bleeding out .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Your Smart Phone just became smarter

    THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT DALLAS, TEXAS, USA. X-ray vision thrived in comic and sci-fi books till now. What used to be science fiction is already becoming part of the acceptable norms in our society. The technological advancements made it possible to incorporate this capability in regular smart phones. And just when you thought that smart phones could do practically anything, an X-ray smart phone is in the news for simplifying the X-ray technology for commercial and mobile d .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • ThermaVision: Low-Cost Night Vision For The Masses

    TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, GERMANY. Whereas current technologies are costly because they require micro-channel plates or need to be cooled, ThermaVision is based on the conversion of infrared light into invisible light that utilizes small and simple uncooled IR-sensors. The design makes possible the low cost production of IR-sensors, making it possible for night vision to have applications beyond current applications, such as in night vision devices in cars and in the .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
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