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  • Meet the Inventor of the Nuclear Waste-Powered Diamond Battery

    In December, we reported on the "diamond battery", an artificial diamond that can convert gamma rays given off by nuclear waste into electricity. PreScouter Global Scholar, Nicole Percy, recently spoke to one of its creators, Dr. Tom Scott, University of Bristol Professor of Materials: Geochemistry and Metallurgy of Uranium. Dr. Scott gave us an in-depth look at his team's research and the progress a .. ... READ MORE

    By: Kyle Gracey
  • Will wind power support a hydrogen economy?

    Hydrogen, an energy carrier, exists abundantly in nature. However, it is always married to other elements in the form of water, hydrocarbons and other organic compounds. For use as an industrial gas or energy carrier, people need hydrogen unattached to other elements. In 1783, Jacques Charles first used hydrogen as “energy” to lift his balloon flight. Since then, hydrogen has been used in various da .. ... READ MORE

    By: Thuy Ngo
  • What are some of the latest waste-to-energy technologies available?

    Introduction: Landfills emit by-products like methane, dioxins and leachate (a toxic liquid that is formed when waste breaks down in the landfill and filters through waste), which, when left untreated, can leach into the soil, contaminating water sources, plants and even food. Waste-to-Energy (WtE) technologies that process non-renewable waste can reduce environmental and .. ... READ MORE

    By: Anu Antony
  • Micro Hydropower in Water Distribution Networks

    Water distribution networks (WDN) are present in all developed cities. Their aim is to deliver drinking water to citizens. New technologies, however, could also allow them to function as renewable energy sources. What Is a Water Dis .. ... READ MORE

    By: Emanuele Quaranta
  • The Air Wheel: A New Take on an Old Energy Source

    The production and storage of renewable energy sources has been studied extensively in the past few decades. A novel innovative way to produce energy using buoyancy forces was recently patented. The invention is called the Buoyancy Prime Mover turbine, or simply Air Wheel, and was developed and patented in the USA by Luis M. Carrion and Carl .. ... READ MORE

    By: Emanuele Quaranta
  • Google’s Push for 100% Renewable Energy

    In the corporate race to meet a 100% renewable energy goal, Google has become the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy. They claim that they will reach their goal by 2017. With electricity being the largest source of greenhouse gases, this corporate push for renewable energy c .. ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • The Hydrostatic Pressure Machine: Energy Production by Autogenerating the Hydraulic Head

    Stream Water Wheels and Floating Mills Stream water wheels are hydraulic machines that are installed in flowing water. The kinetic energy of the flow determines the rotation of the water wheel, generating mechanical energy and, eventually, electricity. When a stream wheel is supported by boats on its sides, it is called a floating mill (Fig.1). Water wheels that instead use the potential energy of the flow (the water weight) are called gravity water wheels, as in ... READ MORE

    By: Emanuele Quaranta
  • Thermal Imaging: A Cost Effective Solution in Every Home

    Infrared cameras have been used by insulation contractors and energy auditors for more than 30 years to diagnose home-performance issues. Their first use, a very expensive camera at the time, can be traced back to the late 1970s for the diagnosis of thermal envelope defects. Today, infrared cameras are called thermographic scanners or thermal imaging devices. How Is Thermal Imaging Used in the Construction Industry? Thermal Imaging, the detection, and location of .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shehwar Ali
  • Transport Fuel from Agricultural Waste?

    The energy crisis has been an important issue in the recent decades as the continuous demand for the fossil fuels is on the rise. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the consumption of gasoline in the United States in 2014 was about 3.26 billion barrels(42 U.S.gallons is equal to one barrel). Since fossil fuels are limited, people tend to find alternative fuels as a substitute. Biofuels from agricultural waste such as wheat straws, corn stover a .. ... READ MORE

    By: Yu Qiu
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery 30 Times Smaller And 2,000 Times More Powerful

    UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, ILLINOIS, USA. In a modern world where life is defined depending on your battery's capacity, a group of researchers were able to develop a new type of lithium-ion battery. Unlike earlier versions of the lithium-ion batteries that we got used to, this new technology can give out 2,000 times more power. It is certainly something that anyone of us would need in order to survive a few weeks in this modern world without a single recharge. It is not just an .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Ultrasound For Your Car Means Huge Fuel Savings

    UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND. Just recently, ultrasound technology has been used to develop a new system that will make it more efficient to look inside car engines. This could also mean huge fuel savings for motorists since their engines will become more efficient. Before the development of this system, ultrasound was only used in the healthcare field. In fact, it has never been used to see the actual health of an automobile before. With the newly dev .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Is Thorium the Biggest Energy Breakthrough Since Fire?

    CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, CHINA. Nuclear power that is safer, cleaner, and ultimately cheaper. Thorium is a metal that can be used to generate nuclear energy without the threats of a "meltdown" scenario, because such chain reactions cannot happen in thorium reactors. There is also no useful byproduct like plutonium to make nuclear weapons. In contrast to nuclear fuels such as Uranium, Thorium is also abundantly available. China is close to demonstrat .. ... READ MORE

    By: Susan Smith
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