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  • Ford bids farewell to sedans, shifting $7B investments to SUVs & trucks

    Ford shifts $7 billion in investment capital from sedan segment to SUV and truck businesses, including developing hybrid, electric, and self-drive models. Automobile giant Ford announced ... READ MORE

    By: K. Gopi
  • The Impact of Lithium-Ion Batteries on the Automobile Industry

    We have come a long way since German inventor, Siegfried Samuel Marcus manufactured the first gasoline powered automobile in 1870. Living in an era where electric cars are set to revolutionize transportation with the promise of a cheaper, .. ... READ MORE

    By: Aritra Ghosh
  • How R&D Looks to Race Cars to Develop New Technologies

    Is a Prius actually a race car? Well, of course, it isn’t exactly a race car, but believe it or not, a lot of manufacturers are using technologies developed in the racing world for consumer cars because they make cars better - no matter who is driving them. This popular and e .. ... READ MORE

    By: Justin Schaefer
  • Air Pollution Becomes Ink With Kaalink

    Air pollution is a global problem with few solutions beyond government regulations like The Clean Air Act in the United States and similar regulations in other countries. The problem has gotten so severe that air pollution in India is leading to nearly 1.1 million deaths ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • What Future Car Technologies Will Make Roads Safe?

    There's a lot changing in the automotive industry. Most surprisingly, having a driver's license won't be a milestone in the future because our cars will be able to drive us. As we take a hands-off approach to driving, will seat belts and airbags remain the car safety standard? One thing is for certain, sensors and cameras will play a major role in car safety. We are going to look at 10 future car .. ... READ MORE

    By: Amanda Elliott
  • Fuel Additives: An Innovation Or Burden?

    Fuel additives are considered to be a modern day innovation of liquid engineering. According to U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the past, the registration process for fuel additives was fairly simple. However, with the passage of time, in order to assess the probable impact of these additives on public health, it has to undergo complex testing. The History Of Fuel Additives The history of fuel additives can be trace .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shehwar Ali
  • First Mind-Controlled Vehicle Developed in China

    NANKAI UNIVERSITY, TIANJIN, CHINA. The world's first mind-controlled vehicle was developed in China that does not utilize anything except for brain power to navigate. Special equipment was incorporated so that the driver could move forward, backward, lock, unlock and stop the vehicle. The research was headed by Associate Professor Duan Feng, from Nankai University's College of Computer and Control Engineering. The main inspiration of the project was to help disabled people .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • A Combination of Electric Cars and Solar Energy Could Tackle Global Warming

    Global warming has been identified as one of the main challenges of modern society, as it is expected to make the life of billions of people harsher. Moreover, it is likely that we will be faced with the complete depletion of fossil fuels before the end of the century. Fortunately, a myriad of solutions have emerged in the past few decades to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and tackle the global warming issue. Among these solutions, renewable energies (solar, wind, .. ... READ MORE

    By: Francois Callewaert
  • The Bloodhound Project: How Fast Can they Blast?

    With only a little more than a month since its public launch on September 24th, the Bloodhound project is still sparking curiosity not only amongst engineers but also anybody interested in what technology is capable of when pushed to its limits. Started in 2008 by Richard Noble, holder of the land speed record from 1983 to 1997 and previously project director of the team building the vehicle which is currently holding the land speed record, the project is aimed at reaching .. ... READ MORE

    By: Francesca Donadoni
  • Taxibots: The Possible Future of Personal Transportation

    It is 7:30am. You just had your breakfast and are now leaving your building with your two kids. In front of the door, a driverless car is waiting, displaying your name on its doors. You enter the car which greets you and starts to drive towards your kids’ school. After leaving your kids at school, the car resumes driving towards your working place while you enjoy reading the news and consulting your emails on the display provided. When you arrive, the car lets you out in fr .. ... READ MORE

    By: Francois Callewaert
  • Intelligent Steering Wheel Tells You To Go Left Or Right

    UNIVERSITY OF RENO, NEVADA, USA. A new type of vibrating steering wheel has been developed recently. It is aimed to help drivers avoid road accidents due to temporary blindness caused by undipped headlights or other visual impediments along the road. Another main cause of road accidents is the glare of the sun. When a driver is trying to avoid the sun's glare while driving, he tends to veer away from the right lane which is really dangerous. This particular steering wheel .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Ultrasound For Your Car Means Huge Fuel Savings

    UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND. Just recently, ultrasound technology has been used to develop a new system that will make it more efficient to look inside car engines. This could also mean huge fuel savings for motorists since their engines will become more efficient. Before the development of this system, ultrasound was only used in the healthcare field. In fact, it has never been used to see the actual health of an automobile before. With the newly dev .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Taiwanese university’s electric vehicles spark interest from European dealer

    NATIONAL PINGTUNG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, TAIWAN. Three electric vehicle models developed at a Taiwanese university show promise. In response to rising fuel prices, a university in southern Taiwan unveiled three newly invented electric vehicles Thursday, one of which is being considered by a European dealer for mass production Taiwan’s National Pingtung University of Science and Technology unveiled three new electric vehicles (EV) which .. ... READ MORE

    By: Susan Smith
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