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  • How will 5G impact different industries?

    A little something about the Gs: We are living in a decade where wireless technologies have become an irreplaceable part of our daily life. It all started in the 80s with the analog technology referred to as the first generation wireless technology - 1G. The “large brick phones” had a poor battery life and a maximum speed of 2.4 Kbps. Then, 2G came in as a big leap in mobile technologies and .. ... READ MORE

    By: Abhinaya Baskaran
  • First Mind-Controlled Vehicle Developed in China

    NANKAI UNIVERSITY, TIANJIN, CHINA. The world's first mind-controlled vehicle was developed in China that does not utilize anything except for brain power to navigate. Special equipment was incorporated so that the driver could move forward, backward, lock, unlock and stop the vehicle. The research was headed by Associate Professor Duan Feng, from Nankai University's College of Computer and Control Engineering. The main inspiration of the project was to help disabled people .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Intelligent Steering Wheel Tells You To Go Left Or Right

    UNIVERSITY OF RENO, NEVADA, USA. A new type of vibrating steering wheel has been developed recently. It is aimed to help drivers avoid road accidents due to temporary blindness caused by undipped headlights or other visual impediments along the road. Another main cause of road accidents is the glare of the sun. When a driver is trying to avoid the sun's glare while driving, he tends to veer away from the right lane which is really dangerous. This particular steering wheel .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Intelligent Health Monitoring Systems In Your Car

    UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, USA. Researchers are currently working on a system that will log all your driving habits. The system is called Nigel and it is a joint project between researchers at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the giant car company brand BMW. They are working on their line of Mini Cooper cars that will have 230 sensors that will monitor everything going on inside the vehicle. Meanwhile, researchers at the Center for Body Computing b .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • ThermaVision: Low-Cost Night Vision For The Masses

    TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, GERMANY. Whereas current technologies are costly because they require micro-channel plates or need to be cooled, ThermaVision is based on the conversion of infrared light into invisible light that utilizes small and simple uncooled IR-sensors. The design makes possible the low cost production of IR-sensors, making it possible for night vision to have applications beyond current applications, such as in night vision devices in cars and in the .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
  • Artificial Fingerprint For Trademark Protection

    UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH, BAYREUTH, GERMANY. It is a trademark label that is used to avoid product piracy. It consists of a periodic, three-dimensional surface structure. The individual structure is invisible to the naked eye making it unforgeable. Also, it has low production cost compared to holograms and RFID tags. In 2007, a report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development stated that at least 10% of the world's global trading volume is affect .. ... READ MORE

    By: Shinji Tutoru
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