The High-tech sector is broad and encompasses numerous industries including: semiconductors, telecommunications, electrical manufacturing, and electronics. Within each of these, a wide-range of players are present and continuously innovating in order to meet customer demands.

Though these industries vary widely, a few overarching drivers and disruptors are driving evolution of these sectors. For example, the Internet of Things is set to radically alter all of these industries, from the final products and services it offers to the new business models it permits. Increased digitization and a slew of novel technologies are also driving evolution of these sectors. An innovation and technology roadmap that can incorporate a variety of these technologies will be necessary to remain competitive within this market.

Topics We’ve Worked On

Inquiry Service

Small tasks with a fast turnaround

  • Fact checking / validation
    I recently read an article about a long-term, safe, implantable electronics. What scientific articles can support this claim?
  • Technology identification
    Identify the top 3-5 disruptive technologies for the consumer electronics space in the next 5-10 years.
  • Literature/Patent Review
    Compile a short list and summary on recent (within 6 months) academic papers working on quantum computers.
  • Data review / analysis
    Review aggregated data on GPU performance properties between the top 3 chip designs from the past 3 years.
  • General inquiries
    How can we most efficiently recapture the energy from the heated water flowing through our server-farms?

Project-Based Work

In-depth project work

  • Technology Landscape
    Develop a technology landscape for all encrypted algorithms for secure data transfer.
  • Technology Scouting
    Identify and analyze all startups, professors and patents working on nanolithography for chip design (TRL 1-9).
  • Interview / private information acquisition
    Run an in depth analysis, leveraging an interview with Professor Marks to understand the scalability of his new molecular circuit.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Compile a technical summary list of all machine learning companies that have raised >$20M in funding or have >$1M in annual revenue.
  • Regulatory / Market Analysis
    Compile a white-space analysis for scalable nanomaterials and which market spaces / applications would be the highest ROI.

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Thought Leader

  • Sofiane Boukhalfa, PhD

    Project Architect

    Sofiane specializes in the high-tech and financial industry. His responsibilities include managing the overall project and scholar team to ensure successful project outcomes for our clients. Sofiane earned his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research focus was in nanotechnology and energy storage. Since graduating from Georgia Tech, he has worked as an emerging technology and business strategy consultant at several firms and for his own clients.

Work with PreScouter’s Thought Leaders

quote PreScouter made us aware of 23 emerging technologies that we probably would not have become aware of (otherwise) Dr. Richard Demke

Case Studies

What materials could improve the longevity, strength or other performance characteristics of my products?
Need: Improving performance of an existing product

The Client’s mechanical components that are integrated into their electronic signs & displays have been vetted for quality, cost efficiency, and scalability. One issue the Client was having was with an ancillary component, the polymer casing for the technical components. The polymer housing, which was provided by a third party manufacturer, was not as robust to environmental conditions as other elements in the assembly. It accelerated the discoloration of the plastic casing. The Client approached PreScouter to find a new material that could replace the existing polymer, which would increase the lifetime of the product.

PreScouter assembled a team of Scholars with disciplines ranging from Inorganic Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists and Catalysis Chemists to investigate technologies within severe constraints to meet the Client’s needs. The Scholar team ideated on the obstacles and proposed solutions across three primary technology platforms. In agreement with the Client, the Scholar team investigated each of those proposed solution areas, and the final report included 23 technologies, ten companies, two researchers and a patent that met the Client’s constraints. The Client was impressed at the variety of solutions, of which greater than 60% of the technologies were new and of interest. The Client leveraged the report internally and is in the process of reaching out to the technology providers listed in the PreScouter report.

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