Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry, a segment of the consumer packaged goods industry, covers food production, agriculture, beverages, alcohol, and tobacco.

The industry is shaped by the supply of agricultural yield and raw material availability and the demands of demographic shifts and consumer trends. Looking at the end user, food and beverage companies are benefiting from an increased analysis and relationship with their consumers through social media.

Key trends include the prioritization of value over low cost, the requirement for quick reactions to shifts in consumer priorities, increased demand for short-cut foods to fit into busy schedules and a focus on sustainability. Key challenges include maintaining supply for a growing population, rising food commodity prices, and increasing scrutiny of ingredients and shifting regulatory guidelines.

The integration of high technology will be crucial to driving not only product growth, but also operational growth. Breakthroughs in biotechnology and agricultural research will be crucial to mitigating supply issues for the growing population. Identification of sustainable sources of raw materials will be key to maintaining product quality in line with regulations.

Topics We’ve Worked On

Inquiry Service

Small tasks with a fast turnaround

  • Fact checking / validation
    I recently read an article about needle-like nanoparticles in baby formula. What scientific articles can support this claim?
  • Technology identification
    Identify the top 3-5 technologies to reseal bottles to prevent spoilage.
  • Literature/Patent Review
    Review the most recent paper from Professor Miller’s group on self-healing polymers and provide a short summary for me.
  • Data review / analysis
    Using the provided data on sales versus product, create a few visualizations / graphs that quickly convey which products are selling vs those that are not.
  • General inquiries
    What cheese types have the highest and lowest ROI?

Project-Based Work

In-depth project work

  • Technology Landscape
    Develop a technology landscape for all processes to remove gluten from wheat.
  • Technology Scouting
    Provide a list of patents, papers and startups that are using genetically engineered plasmids to create biofuel from waste byproducts.
  • Interview / private information acquisition
    Provide an in-depth analysis of the startup NanoGrow to understand their IP position and licensing potential.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Compile a list of all large and medium agriculture companies that are investing / funding startups in the driverless agriculture space, including aircraft.
  • Regulatory / Market Analysis
    Based on existing market data and new technologies emerging from academia, what are the fastest growing opportunities in the non-carbonated healthy-drink market?

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Food and Beverage News

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30 Mar 2018

K. Gopi

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08 Mar 2018

K. Gopi

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Thought Leader

  • Rachel Murkett, PhD

    Project Architect

    Rachel is one of PreScouter’s Project Architect. She specializes in the food and beverage industry. She completed her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. Her research was focused around Photobiology, with research themes including the development of fluorescent proteins for biomedical imaging applications and the formulation of lutein as a nutritional supplement. Prior to her PhD, Rachel completed a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Biochemistry at the University of East Anglia.

Work with PreScouter’s Thought Leaders

quote If you let them, they can come up with some pretty interesting concepts. It’s the network and the concepts that really give PreScouter good value for the money. Dr. Nate Miranda

Case Studies

Find suppliers with product innovations that are not yet on the market
Need: New product rollout within 12 months

The Client had a problem – they became aware of counterfeit bottles entering the market under their brand name. The counterfeit merchandise was creating a two-fold problem: 1) their inventory was exceeding demand, and 2) the counterfeit bottles were damaging their brand name, due to poor quality. The Client needed to find a solution quickly. They joined PreScouter as a trial client to see if PreScouter could provide an anti-counterfeiting additive technology.

The Scouting Brief, the document that conveys the Client’s innovation goal, outlined they were looking for a product that was already in production. The anti-counterfeiting technology did not have to be at production scale, but it did have to reach that potential within 12-18 months. PreScouter assembled a team of Scholars who could efficiently vet compounds, additives, and novel composite materials for the right solution.

As the Scholar team worked with the Client, they found nearly a dozen suitable technologies. The Client downselected to several specific technology providers, and PreScouter directly contacted those suppliers for further technical information, at the request of the Client.

Upon delivery of the report, the Client was pleased to have identified with sufficient technical detail, a handful of very promising anti-counterfeiting glass composites for use in their bottle manufacturing. The results were shared internally with their department. Shortly after that, the Client mentioned to PreScouter that the report was of high value, and they proceeded to sign up for an annual membership.

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