Consumer Goods

Consumer goods is an ever changing industry due to continued technological advances and constant customer demand for innovative products. Trends include demand for environmentally conscious products, natural products as opposed to artificial or synthetic ones, and products or services that increase efficiency, productivity, and reduce stress. Market disruptors, and topics on which PreScouter’s work has focused, include the sharing economy, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and tailored services aimed at customizable simplification.

Topics We’ve Worked On

Inquiry Service

Small tasks with a fast turnaround

  • Fact checking / validation
    Are the claims of this article on consumer privacy substantiated with peer-reviewed results? If so, do the claims hold true?
  • Technology identification
    Identify three to five smart home startups that have consumer traction this year.
  • Literature/Patent Review
    What are the main claims of this patent?
  • Data review / analysis
    Process the attached Excel file on user data to help me understand when most people
    replace their air filters.
  • General inquiries
    What is the adoption rate of IoT in home appliances over the past two years?

Project-Based Work

In-depth project work

  • Technology Landscape
    Provide a global overview of all the emerging garment care technologies
  • Technology Scouting
    Identify new IoT platforms that will allow our air filters to enhance the consumer experience
  • Interview / private information acquisition
    Acquire an interview to answer my questions with the CEO of Nanosystems, Inc. to understand if they are looking to partner or be acquired.
  • Competitive Analysis
    Which of my competitors are funding academic research on biodegradable polymers for yogurt containers
  • Market Analysis
    Provide an analysis on new market opportunities for our company to sell our existing cosmetic line

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Thought Leader

  • Daniel Morales, PhD

    Project Architect

    Daniel is one of PreScouter’s Project Architects. He specializes in the consumer goods sector. Daniel received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University in Raleigh. His dissertation research focused developing stimuli-responsive polymer networks for micro-robotics applications. After his graduate studies, he completed post-doctoral work at the LPCNO Lab in INSA Toulouse, France where he focused on incorporating microfluidics with nanoparticle assembly techniques to develop multi-parametric sensors. In addition, Daniel has industrial experience in pharma manufacturing and polymer processing. Daniel joined PreScouter as a Project Architect after two years as a Global Scholar.

Work with PreScouter’s Thought Leaders

quote PreScouter made us aware of 23 emerging technologies that we probably would not have become aware of (otherwise) Dr. Richard Demke

Case Studies

Ongoing sensing of disruptive technologies that could kill my company
Need: Ongoing Sensing for Disruptors

The Client has a diverse portfolio of products, with a limited internal R&D team. PreScouter worked closely with the Senior Director of New Product Development to routinely “sense” for disruptive technologies from startups, academia, and intellectual property before the disruptors impact their product offering.

Their long-term strategic roadmap is to triple the size of the company in ten years. Each month, the Senior Director would hold meetings to review a slate of opportunities from internal teams, as well as suppliers. Most of these possibilities did not make enough impact to triple the size of their company within ten years.

PreScouter joined the Client’s existing process of monthly meetings for reviewing opportunities. Based on direction from the Senior Director, PreScouter prepared a Technology Portfolio that highlights new technologies for licensing from universities and startups. On occasion, the scientist from our network who makes the report would be called into the meeting to walk through each opportunity.

Through PreScouter’s involvement, potential opportunities that the Client chose to pursue were broadened. These opportunities now include truly breakthrough technologies for licensing from universities – technologies that may triple the size of their company within ten years. To get the same level of value, the Client would have needed to recruit a team to uncover these opportunities proactively.

One of the market opportunities the Client is targeting is ways of preventing tooth decay, particularly for chemotherapy patients, who suffer dry mouth, and so are particularly prone to cavities growing on their teeth. Based on this need, PreScouter developed a Technology Portfolio with a broad range of options. Because PreScouter uses a personal network of Scholars, one of the technologies highlighted was something they had not considered previously – tooth regeneration: technology for growing teeth. This is technology directly applicable to their business, but that they had almost missed entirely because they simply were not aware of it.

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