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  • What Technologies Are Redefining Shopping this Holiday Season?

    Holiday shopping was once a straightforward process. As technology changes the world around us, simple activities like shopping are becoming simplified. Social media and online stores are having a significant and growing influence on the holiday market, year after year. The majority of us will incorporate our computers and mobile devices in the way we shop this year, in one way or another. Retailers are beginning to capitalize on this trend, ta .. ... READ MORE

    By: Jesse Bereta
  • Attractive opportunities in the semiconductor industry

    The semiconductor industry lies at the intersection of several high-growth sectors that are now reaching commercialization. The electronic components that are manufactured by the various players in this industry are essential for the manufacture of the billions of devices comprising the Internet of Things and mobile device ecosystems. High demand exists for the chips that power ou .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • What emerging technologies will improve the semiconductor industry?

    We live in exciting times. In the past few years, we have seen the acceleration and emergence of a wide slew of technologies that are revolutionizing nearly all industries. From deep learning and IoT (the Internet of Things) to additive manufacturing (3D printing) and blockchain, these emerging technologies are starting to appear in products and services throughout the marketplace, creating immense value for both individuals and organizations. In this article, we will expl .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • Insights into the State of the Chip Market in 2017

    Many people still associate chip manufacturers with pre-built desktop PCs. However, those days are long gone. As Dave Stevenson of Tech Advisor recently put it: "The pre-built desktop PC is all but a dead .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • The Impact of Lithium-Ion Batteries on the Automobile Industry

    We have come a long way since German inventor, Siegfried Samuel Marcus manufactured the first gasoline powered automobile in 1870. Living in an era where electric cars are set to revolutionize transportation with the promise of a cheaper, .. ... READ MORE

    By: Aritra Ghosh
  • RFID: A Technological Revolution

    RFID technology has changed the face of many industries- including various areas of transportation, but what is it exactly? And how does it (and will it in the future) affect your transportation needs and uses? RFID: The Basics RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it describes the use of electromagnetic fields .. ... READ MORE

    By: Paula Hock
  • Can DNA Solve the Data Storage Problem?

    Mankind is producing more data than ever. Globally, digitally stored data is projected to reach 44 trillion gigabytes by 2020 which is a threefold increase in just three years. Data storage capacities of conventional media like hard drives and magnetic tapes are hitting their physical limits. A great promise to this escalating data storage problem is provided by our own ancient form of .. ... READ MORE

    By: Rajeswari Jayaraman
  • A New Material is Furthering 3D Printing in Space

    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has enabled many advancements in several industries, and it's about to make a significant impact in a new environment - space. The International Space Station Uses 3D Printing: Last year, astronauts began 3D printing tools on the International Space Station using their advance .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • Quantum Communication Strong in China

    Last Sunday, Chinese government officials and scientists announced the world’s first ultra-secure quantum encrypted network, to be used in Jinan, in the Shandong Province, between governments and Party offices. The system reportedly cost up to $20 million to implement, and has been in testing mode since May to validate the approach. The network has exchanged secure telephone calls, faxes and files - with a success rate of ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • A ‘Jetsons’ Reality Is Closer Than You Think

    With recent buzz surrounding automation, most notably autonomous vehicles, the next question to ask is what comes next? For Boeing, the next step is self-flying planes, a step they may begin to take as early as next year. Boeing’s Recent Announcement At last week’s Paris Air Show, Boeing’s vice president for product development Mike Sinnett ... READ MORE

    By: Paula Hock
  • LG’s new futuristic 77-Inch OLED TV

    Last week, LG unveiled its new 77-inch transparent OLED panel. The futuristic visions of large transparent screens that are clear to use and non-invasive when not in use like those seen in the 2002 hit movie Minority Report are now feasible. The Features of LG's New OLED Panel Thanks to OLED technology, the screen is flexible, so it can be made to fit numerous geometries. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • Beyond IoT: Internet of Underwater Things to Network the Oceans

    The grand goal of the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT) is to create a worldwide network of smart interconnected underwater objects and to digitally link our oceans, streams, and lakes. The current count ... READ MORE

    By: Rajeswari Jayaraman
  • IoT and AI Combine to Dominate Consumer Electronics

    The technological revolution in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are accelerating at breakthrough speeds. These technologies are integrating with multiple e-products and services that power and add comfort to our li .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • Can EUV Lithography Save Moore’s Law from Demise?

    The ever-rising desire to maintain Moore’s law of exponential growth is driving the semiconductor industry to continuously shrink the sizes of integrated circuit components. A series of breakthroughs in process technologies, especially in photolithography, have fueled this trend. Now, chips are packed with a billion transistors compared to thousand .. ... READ MORE

    By: Rajeswari Jayaraman
  • What it Means for the Satellite Industry to Shift to the Private Sector

    With satellite television, satellite broadband, and Earth observations services, the satellite industry is growing so rapidly one might expect another space race. In the past, the only formidable space programs were in Russia or the United States. That is quickly changing. The satellite industry is shifting to the private sector. ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • IoT’s Effect on the Telecommunications Industry in 2017

    The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionize and significantly impact many industries, as we have discussed previously. In the telecommunications industry, 2017 will see mass rollouts .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • Current and Potential Applications of Carbon Nanotubes

    As nanotechnology continues to emerge as the scientific beacon of the future, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are no exception. Carbon nanotubes are 100 times stronger than steel but at one-sixth the weight. They also conduct heat and electricity better than copper. Harnessed pro .. ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the High Tech Sector: NVIDIA as the Clear Winner

    Artificial intelligence (AI), and one of its heavily researched subsets, machine learning, are both poised to radically transform a multitude of industries, ranging from transportation to financial services. According to Acc .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • IoT and Its Impact on the Semiconductor Industry

    In recent years, smartphone sales have been a growth opportunity for the semiconductor industry. However, with smartphone growth rates starting to plateau, semiconductor companies will need to adapt their offerings for the next big growth opportunity. Fortunately for them, this opportunity is here. According to a 2016 PreScouter report, the Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow to nearly $900B by 202 .. ... READ MORE

    By: Sofiane Boukhalfa
  • How Robotic Sleeves Can Restore Heart Function After Cardiac Arrest

    According to the American Heart Association, heart failure currently affects close to 6 million people in the US alone, costing the nation an approximately 31 billion dollars each year. Now, patients all over the world who suffer from heart failure and are waiting for a heart transplant can now breathe a sigh of relief. In a recently published study, scientists announced the development of a r .. ... READ MORE

    By: Vidhya Sivakumaran
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