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  • A review of dental stem cells – where are we now in regards to clinical trials?

    Stem cell therapies have great potential to  cure currently untreatable diseases and to even extend lifespa .. ... READ MORE

    By: Tina Tsai
  • Novel Microneedle Patch Could Reduce Obesity

    Singaporean researchers have developed a novel approach to reduce bulging tummy fats, providing a new route to convert calorie-storing fats into calorie-burning fats. Obesity, or storage of excess fats, is the leading cause of many diseases, includi .. ... READ MORE

    By: K. Gopi
  • How will 5G impact different industries?

    A little something about the Gs: We are living in a decade where wireless technologies have become an irreplaceable part of our daily life. It all started in the 80s with the analog technology referred to as the first generation wireless technology - 1G. The “large brick phones” had a poor battery life and a maximum speed of 2.4 Kbps. Then, 2G came in as a big leap in mobile technologies and .. ... READ MORE

    By: Abhinaya Baskaran
  • PreScouter Journal 2017 Roundup & 10 Most Read Articles

    It has been quite a year for the PreScouter Journal. Thanks to our great team and valued readers, the journal received 3 unique awards in 2017: PreScouter Journal named one of the Top 50 Innovation Websites and Blogs for Innovators & Inventors. PreScouter Journal named one of the ... READ MORE

    By: PreScouter Journal
  • How 3D printing is revolutionizing veterinary medicine

    3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is currently impacting several industries due to its flexibility and cost saving potential allowing it to create a solid object of virtually any shape. It allows permits using a variety of starting materials that include plastic, metal, ceramic, and even living cells. ... READ MORE

    By: Sushil Paudyal
  • Neuromarketing: How neuroscience is revealing what a consumer really wants

    Since the days of snake-oil peddlers, and even long before, the art of marketing has been to reach for that secret ‘buy button’ in the mind, to tickle the subconscious into purchasing whatever it is that needs to be sold. Along came the 21st century, and with it came neuromarketing. What is this new technology, and what can we expect from it? According to the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association ... READ MORE

    By: Vincent Schoots
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Babylon Health & IBM Watson Take the Lead

    A person becomes a doctor by graduating from medical school, but becomes a good doctor only after years of experience. What if we could give doctors the intuition that comes from years of experience on their first day? Several companies believe they can help every doctor achieve the same outcomes as top experts with tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a term used for computer programs that can do things that we think of as "hum .. ... READ MORE

    By: Ben Pelcyger
  • PreScouter Case Study: Next-Gen Infection Control Technologies

    The following is a case study report of the work that was carried out by PreScouter for a client  in the infection control technology sector. About the client: The Client was working within the technology sector of infection control and wanted to develop a new product within two to three years. Unlike some larger clients, the Client was a medium-sized company that had to maintain a strong competitive advantage over similar product lines w .. ... READ MORE

    By: Charles Wright
  • Could virtual reality become a non-addictive painkiller?

    The applications of virtual reality (VR) range from enhanced gaming experience to improved retail and medical training to a weight loss solution. Scientists take VR even further proposing treatments to conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, .. ... READ MORE

    By: Marta Kubala
  • Innovative Cancer Treatments Gain FDA Endorsement

    In addition to the traditional pillars of cancer treatment—surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy—a new approach has emerged. This approach is called immunotherapy. One type of immunotherapy that has recently garnered much attention following successful FDA approval is chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy, the fir .. ... READ MORE

    By: Vidhya Sivakumaran
  • How can phage therapy serve as a potential alternative to antibiotic treatment?

    In this article, we address the potential use of bacteriophages as a therapeutic alternative to conventional antibiotic treatments. We will start by showing why exploring new antimicrobial therapeutic options is imperative. Next, we will delve into the history of phage therapy and where we are today. We will then present a detailed view on the advantages and challenges of phage therapy. Why the need for new treatments? ... READ MORE

    By: Brett Moreau
  • Monoclonal Antibodies for Cancer Treatment

    Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for approximately 8.8 million deaths in 2015. The number of cancer cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 20 years, creating a huge potential market for novel therapies. Using the Immune System to Kill Cancer The high number of genetic and epigenetic changes present in most cancer ce .. ... READ MORE

    By: Gonzalo Delgado
  • How to Predict Immunotherapy Efficacy

    Depending on the type of cancer, a specific treatment regimen can encompass one or more modalities such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. In particular, cancer immunotherapy has generated considerable excitement within the research and pharmaceutical communities. Recent FDA approval of several immunotherapies has validated the practicality of immunotherapeutic approaches and re .. ... READ MORE

    By: Thao Nguyen Doan Pham
  • A New, Simple Test to Predict Heart Disease Risk

    Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It accounts for about 1 of every 3 deaths in the United States. Epidemiological and interventional studies have demonstrated the existence of .. ... READ MORE

    By: Vishal Kothari
  • Applications of Neoantigens in Personalized Cancer Therapy

    Neoantigens are mutations in the genome of a tumor that result in mutant proteins that are not found in normal cells, but that are instead unique to that tumor. The isolation, identification, and selection of neoantigens has drawn extensive attention from the field of cancer immunotherapy. Recent data from lab .. ... READ MORE

    By: Siwei Zhang
  • The Successes and Failures of 3D Printed Prosthetics

    The 3D printing industry has expanded rapidly over the last few years, with one of its most notable areas of application being the health and medical industry. Innovations include printing everything from medications to ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • Mini Electronic Biosensor for Point-of-Care Devices and Wearables

    There’s a completely electronic method for barcoding particles according to researchers at Rutgers University. Unlike standard approaches, this method allows for multiplexed bioassays that can be miniaturized down to the size of a micro-chip. Thus, this technology could be .. ... READ MORE

    By: Charles Wright
  • How Wearables Will Improve Healthcare

    Millions of wearable devices for tracking activity and fitness levels have been sold in the last few years. Now, we are starting to see a plethora of wearables for monitoring health data. By providing round-the-clock measurements of various pieces of health information, wearables promise to significantly improve outcomes and redu .. ... READ MORE

    By: Charles Wright
  • Artificial Intelligence Meets Drug Development

    Pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to capitalize on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI refers to the ability of computer systems to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. Drug companies continuously analyze thousands of compounds, seeking candidates of therapeutic value. The pro .. ... READ MORE

    By: Salma Buddaseth
  • External Womb Could Save Premature Infants

    One out of every three infant deaths in the United States can be attributed to preterm birth. Researchers have recently reported the development of an external womb, which could give premature babies a more natural, uterus-like environment to aid in continued development. Preliminary results from lambs are very promising, and we may see human trials as early as 2020. Extreme Premature Births and Infant Mortality Extreme prematurity is ... READ MORE

    By: Charles Wright
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