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  • What Technologies Are Redefining Shopping this Holiday Season?

    Holiday shopping was once a straightforward process. As technology changes the world around us, simple activities like shopping are becoming simplified. Social media and online stores are having a significant and growing influence on the holiday market, year after year. The majority of us will incorporate our computers and mobile devices in the way we shop this year, in one way or another. Retailers are beginning to capitalize on this trend, ta .. ... READ MORE

    By: Jesse Bereta
  • How AI Is Redefining the Consumer Goods Industry

    Artіfісіаl intеllіgеnсе (AI) is currently taking the retail world by storm and will increasingly continue to do so. Thе mаrkеt ѕіzе оf AI ѕоftwаrе аnd ѕуѕtеmѕ is expected to reach $38 million by 2025, and the potential opportunities for interacting with customers in new and increasin .. ... READ MORE

    By: Daniel Morales
  • Could virtual reality become a non-addictive painkiller?

    The applications of virtual reality (VR) range from enhanced gaming experience to improved retail and medical training to a weight loss solution. Scientists take VR even further proposing treatments to conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, .. ... READ MORE

    By: Marta Kubala
  • Apple iPhone X Review: What is right and wrong about the newest iPhone model?

    The X might stand for the tenth anniversary of the phone that changed the world. But, after using the device for a week or so, the X seems more like a symbol of the unknown. The Apple iPhone X is a beautiful phone with several features that separate it from the rest of the smartphone crowd. But, there are also several issues that Appl .. ... READ MORE

    By: Kristen Bentley
  • Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself: The Changing App Market

    Some would argue that the app boom is over. App developers are facing an oversaturated market, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to attract new users. Independent app developers or publishers are having a hard time getting new users to download their app. According to a Statista report (June 2016), the Apple App Store has 2 million apps, while the .. ... READ MORE

    By: Daniel Morales
  • How is wearable technology changing Halloween?

    Halloween is around the corner and with it the scares and excitement. Over the last few years, we have seen how technology has influenced the frightening season with decorations that jump, and candy bowls that shake. But, what about what we are wearing? Is there any new tech that can put your costume over the top this year? Wearable tech has come a long way; it can prevent sp .. ... READ MORE

    By: Jesse Bereta
  • What wearable technologies can prevent sports injuries?

    This article covers the various injuries that athletes may incur during their professional career and the available wearable technologies that help prevent or protect from such injuries. The impact of wearables in the sports industry: For athletes who have to test their physical strength, endurance and speed on a daily basis, identifying ... READ MORE

    By: Anu Antony
  • RFID: A Technological Revolution

    RFID technology has changed the face of many industries- including various areas of transportation, but what is it exactly? And how does it (and will it in the future) affect your transportation needs and uses? RFID: The Basics RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it describes the use of electromagnetic fields .. ... READ MORE

    By: Paula Hock
  • Commercial Drones: An Emerging Market

    When the average person thinks about a drone, they typically come up with one of two examples: a military weapon or an amateur videographer at their cousin’s wedding. In the last few years, however, drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles- UAVs) have seen an emergence in a new use category: the commercial/industrial sector. Numbers Breakdown In general, that average person is right about drones: ... READ MORE

    By: Paula Hock
  • Pivoting the Consumer Goods Industry

    Consumer goods companies (CGCs) have seen exceptional growth over the years. However, multiple changes in the industry are placing their current business models and strategies to the test. It’s All About the Consumer The most important contributor hindering the growth of .. ... READ MORE

    By: George Joseph
  • Apple Plants Their Seed in the Augmented Reality Orchard

    Yesterday (June 5, 2017), Apple introduced its developer tools for augmented reality (AR) applications, called ARKit. This puts them in direct competition with other giants such as Google and Facebook for the fate of the upcoming AR boom. Why is this so important? Who cares who releases tools for building program .. ... READ MORE

    By: Justin Schaefer
  • Biodegradable Baby Diapers: Current Market and Future Development

    Many baby diapers are not biodegradable and could take hundreds of years to degrade. While it's unknown how many years biodegradable materials take to decompose, to serve more environmentally-conscious consumers,  there is a growing trend to produce biodegradable baby diapers. PreScouter, an R&D research consultant firm, looked at the current product market of biodegradable baby diapers and also future technologies like nanotechnologies that can lessen the environment .. ... READ MORE

    By: Justin Schaefer
  • Disruptive Battery Technologies That Will Change the Market

    Batteries. There have been a few issues with them. They can't hold a charge. They cause phones to explode. But there's hope; there are a number of advanced energy storage and delivery technologies in either development or production right now. PreScouter, an R&D research consultant firm, looked at the current product market of batteries and identified 13 types of batteries a .. ... READ MORE

    By: Justin Schaefer
  • How Brick-and-Mortar Stores Can Survive the E-Commerce Revolution

    Online shopping has changed brick-and-mortar stores, perhaps for good. As e-commerce takes market share, many companies are closing their stores. In 2015, retail department stores accounted for 1.9% of market share, down from 3.6% in 2005, according to the Business Insider. While there are .. ... READ MORE

    By: Justin Schaefer
  • How Augmented Reality Is Reshaping Retail

    Augmented reality (AR) is the latest technological innovation for the retail industry. AR made its explosive entrance to the market last year, when Pokemon Go took the world by storm. Retailers have been looking for ways to capitalize on the emerging technology and now, these efforts are coming to fruition. Benefits of Augmented Reality in Retail Augmented reality stands to benefit both the cust .. ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • Predictive Analytics and the Consumer – How Much Can We Automate?

    Machine learning enables computers to scan huge datasets and make predictive analyses. This is becoming increasingly common in Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. It will likely become a household phenomenon in the very near future. ... READ MORE

    By: Justin Schaefer
  • No Animals Harmed: Sustainable Alternatives to Animal Leather

    Though the use of animal hides dates to prehistory, now traditional leather manufacturers have to compete with more eco-friendly and humane alternative materials. The manufacturing of animal-derived leather creates a large carbon footprint based on the substantial amount of natural resources required to raise livestock. Now, they are facing off ag .. ... READ MORE

    By: Leah Sheline
  • The Successes and Failures of Recycling Programs in Cities

    According to the latest figures (from 2014) published by the EPA, in the United States, about 258 million tons of municipal solid waste were generated, over 89 million tons of which were recycled and composted. That is equivalent to a recycling rate of 34.6%. This means that recycling efforts in 2014 when there was an annual reduction of over 181 million metric tons of ca .. ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • P&G Explains How They Will Generate Zero Landfill Waste by 2020

    The United States has established an unfortunate notoriety for producing landfill waste. At only 4% of the global population, America is responsible for 30% of the planet’s total waste generation. Approximately 31% of generated waste is packaging and containers alone, and corporations are responsible for a substantial .. ... READ MORE

    By: Heidi Reidel
  • Augmented Reality – Not a Fiction but a Revolution of the Real Life

    Imagine a world where you can try your outfits in a fitting room, or apply a makeup to see if it suits you, or see if a sofa will fit under the window – without physically trying anything on. Yes, these are some of the real examples already made possible by IKEA, Sephora, Wayfair using the .. ... READ MORE

    By: Rajeswari Jayaraman
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