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  • Social Impact on Innovation

    Quest for Innovation “Run for the hills. Hide. Hoppers are coming!”   This could be the New York Times headline for the classic Disney movie, “A Bugs Life”  (imdb) You might wonder whatcan a family film, starring an ant, teach us about innovation.  The movie appears to be a simple quest, where an unlikely misfit becomes the hero. Come expand .. ... READ MORE

    By: Phillip Topham
  • Social Impact on Big Data

    Social Marketers have it wrong. They have only just begun to uncover what “social” really means. It is not about you; it is about us. It’s NOT all about “You” the ant: It’s hard to believe but just three years ago, social exploded across the big screen.  In October 2010 “The Social Network” movie brought the Facebook story front and center. Today the social phenomena is everywhere – social websites, social coupons, social encyclopedias, etc... .. ... READ MORE

    By: Phillip Topham
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