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quote PreScouter made us aware of 23 emerging technologies that we probably would not have become aware of (otherwise). Dr. Richard Demke

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23 Nov 2017
Marta Kubala
Marta Kubala

Could virtual reality become a non-addictive painkiller?

The applications of virtual reality (VR) range from enhanced gaming experience to…

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21 Nov 2017
Adam Kimmel
Adam Kimmel

What are the most important technologies that led to autonomous transportation?

Autonomous (or self-directed) technology is transforming industries ranging from automotive to insurance…

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17 Nov 2017
Kristen Bentley
Kristen Bentley

Apple iPhone X Review: What is right and wrong about the newest iPhone model?

The X might stand for the tenth anniversary of the phone that…

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quote For the project we engaged PreScouter on, most people who have been working in this area for the last 20 or 30 years have a tendency to think inside the box. I wanted to get diversity of input and spark inter-sectional innovation. PreScouter delivered. Keith Wilcoxen - Head of Strategic Partnerships, R&D

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quote We decided to use PreScouter to test out their service. Once we started the project, and the data started coming in, we realized that we were learning a lot of interesting things. As we drilled down further and further, the majority of items turned out to be very useful. My opinion went from PreScouter being a service 'it could not hurt to try' to being a service that produced very valuable results. Gary Click - Technical Director

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