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22 May 2018

K. Gopi

Mass-producing graphene sheets: A “roll-to-roll” manufacturing process

A new breakthrough at MIT enables researchers to continuously mass-produce high-quality graphene…

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18 May 2018

K. Gopi

Ford bids farewell to sedans, shifting $7B investments to SUVs & trucks

Ford shifts $7 billion in investment capital from sedan segment to SUV…

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17 May 2018
Brett Moreau
Brett Moreau

Unlocking the applications of metabolomics in clinical research

Our previous article discussed metabolomics as an approach for detecting and quantifying…

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quote For the project we engaged PreScouter on, most people who have been working in this area for the last 20 or 30 years have a tendency to think inside the box. I wanted to get diversity of input and spark inter-sectional innovation. PreScouter delivered. Keith Wilcoxen - Head of Strategic Partnerships, R&D

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quote It is much more cost-effective to have PreScouter provide the library, literary, and scientific informational research we need. Our staff's time should be spent making drugs. Daryl Sauer - Senior Manager, Scientific Assessment

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